The Van Goubergen family is a well-established player in the diamond sector. The company has been renowned for as long as five generations. Jos Van Goubergen’s ancestors were diamond cutters who passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. Thanks to this knowledge, Jos and his son Roger took the step to purchase the first rough diamonds and started to process them in their diamond cutting workshop.

RR Diamond manufactured both round and fancy-shaped diamonds from the very start. By combining his love for diamonds and hard work, Roger developed RR Diamond to become a highly regarded company with customers all over the world.

In 1994, Roger’s son, Jan, stepped into the business and the youngest son of the family, Koen, has been heading an RR Diamond office in Barcelona since 2007.

Roger imparted proper business ethics and professional knowledge to his sons and that is why RR Diamond is still a company of renown in the diamond sector today.

RR Diamond aims to have the full spectrum of diamonds in stock at all times. As a result, RR Diamond can deliver the requested diamonds without delay, often even on the very same day.